When should I get my trial done?

I typically book weddings anywhere from 12-18 months in advance, with that being said I recommend booking a trial 2-3 months in advance. So many things change in the time of booking until wedding day, so doing at trial even 6 months away can be difficult.

Can I book my wedding without a contract done?

In order for me to put you into my calendar, you need to have a complete contract and deposit sent over. I do not accept bookings through direct messages or any form of contract besides email. Without a contract, it is hard to know if the potential client is seriously about booking. Also completely a contract gives us both a form with all of the entire list of details.

Can I just get my makeup done or do I need an entire bridal party to book?

I would love to work with all brides! I do have a 4-person minimum or equivent to $600 for Saturdays during peak Saturdays (June-oct). With that being said, Fridays are different so please reach out if you have any questions! 

Do you work with a team of other artists or hair stylists?

I'm an independent freelancer- meaning I typically work alone! I do have a list of women I contract if a second artist is needed. I feel it's my responsibility to bring on people who have similar style of makeup application as well as pricing.

Do I do hair and makeup?

I do not! I provide luxury makeup services and feel confident that is what I'm best at. But I know some killer ladies in the industry who I can recommend ;)